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4 ❘ LOS CAB LIFE ❘ JANUARY 2019 ● ON THE COURTS F ew things are as energizing as an early morning tennis workout to get your blood pumping. But even in mostly sunny Southern Cali- fornia, temperatures can get chilly and morning people might find the prospect of running around the court in colder weather less than enticing. But there are a few things you can do to deal with the cold weather while staying loose and limber… 1 Get a good night's rest. That's important for everyone, but partic- ularly if you practice early in the morning. 2 Warm up longer than usual. Colder weather means the body takes longer to warm up. So prevent muscle aches the next day by warm- ing up with a 10-minute stretching routine, focusing particularly on the shoulders, triceps, quads, hamstrings, and Achilles tendons. 3 Stay hydrated. You may not feel as thirsty practicing or playing in colder weather, but the body still needs fluids. Drink lots of water be- fore you even reach the court, and make sure to stay hydrated. 4 Protect your eyes. Even if you don't like wearing sunglasses while playing, the sun is lower in win- ter mornings and you might want to make an exception. 5 Use softer strings. Strings get stiffer on your racquet when the temperatures dip and high-tension strings can sometimes snap in the cold, so consider multifilament or nat- ural gut string in the winter. 6 Adjust your playing style. Colder weather hardens the rubber in ten- nis balls and makes the air pressure inside drop. The ball may feel softer in your hand, but its impact is harder, meaning less bounce. So think of aim- ing deeper to get the ball over the net. 7 Layer up. In really cold weather, exposed skin has a risk of freezing and clothing soaked in sweat can in- crease the risk of hypothermia. So wear layers of insulating fabrics, mak- ing sure the outer layer is water repel- lent. Your clothing base should be lightweight and moisture-wicking – and consider wearing gloves and a hat, since about half of our body heat leaves through the head. SIGN UP NOW! ................... SUPER SUNDAY B efore cheering on your team of choice in the biggest football game of the year, make time for a little friendly competition on the ten- nis courts at Los Cab's annual Super Bowl Doo Dah. Scheduled for Sun- day, February 3, with check-in beginning at 9 a.m., members and their guests will enjoy a full day of tennis in a re- laxed and spirited envi- ronment – then can stick around to catch the gridiron action. After their matches, members will enjoy a catered lunch before gathering to watch the big game, said Events Coordinator Thao Le. "We have multiple TVs throughout the club, but a lot of tennis members like to watch in the tennis lounge," she said. "It's always a lot of fun as members cheer for their team." Members and guests can register at the Ten- nis Desk until Thursday, January 31. The $35 registration fee covers snacks, lunch, tennis, and a special event T- shirt or sweatshirt. .................................... > CALL (714) 546-8560, ext. 233 to learn more. BRAVING THE ELEMENTS ■ HOW TO STAY WARM DURING COLD WINTER MORNINGS You won't see snow on the courts at Los Cab, but it can get chilly in the mornings.

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