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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS caregivers help clients stay physi- cally and mentally active. These clients benefit from a meaningful routine and feel connected to fam- ily and friends. Several Amada of- fices are coordinating pen pal exchanges between seniors in as- sisted-living residences and mem- bers of the local community. In addition, many are dropping off care packages and special treats. uuu What can be done to pre- serve home safety and in- dependence? Families are turning to user-friendly solutions like amada Connect so that their loved ones can enjoy living at home safely and independently. Amada Connect offers voice-activated per- sonal emergency response and home-monitoring systems, medica- tion reminders and cellular commu- nication devices. The system includes a fall-sensor device that immediately notifies first respon- ders. For independent seniors, Amada Connect provides peace of mind that help is available 24/7. uuu How are amada care- givers being supported? We reach out to our caregivers reg- ularly. We check in with our care- givers not just about clients and tasks, but about their own personal needs. We treat our caregivers like we treat our clients and referral partners – we are all one family – and family helps each other. uuu How are you collaborat- ing with healthcare part- ners? We are ready and able to answer the call from our healthcare partners seeking assistance for clients who have a desire to transi- tion safely and quickly from a hospital, skilled nursing center or assisted living community. As al- ways, we work closely with case managers and care coordinators on care plans and report tracking to ensure positive health outcomes for our clients. T he health and safety of our clients, communities and caregivers are al- ways top priorities at Amada Senior Care. We pride ourselves on always being ahead of the curve with everything we do, and the protocols we've put into place to re- spond to the current global pandemic are no exception. Rest assured, you can lean on Amada throughout COVID-19 and de- pend on us to provide solutions to any challenges of aging in place. Know that we're here for you to provide answers and specific assistance. > ClICk Here to learn more. > ClICk Here to find local offices. > ClICk Here for Amada Connect. > ClICk Here for special services. > Call us at (877) 442-6232. > emaIl FUrTHEr ASSiSTAnCE

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